Saturday, 22 June 2013

Weekend Away Haul

Hey bloggies :)

Last weekend, I went away for a couple of nights with my best friend to a quiet little town in the Scottish borders. We stayed in her caravan while we were there and it was a lovely trip. I've been there with her once before a couple of years ago and it was nice to go back and see the place again. We only had one full day there, but luckily the weather was lovely and we spent most of the day exploring the town and checking out the cute little shops. While I was there I picked up a few things - mostly in small gift or charity shops. The nice weather also meant that I got to take some nice outdoorsy pictures of the items I bought!

First I'll start off with the make-up things: 

Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm 'Rose', Gift Shop - £5.99

There was a few different shades available and I was between getting this and another shade called 'Hibiscus' which is a sort of dark pink colour. As you can see from the picture, the colour comes out quite sheer and on the lips just gives a natural boost of colour while doing the job of a normal lip balm. The colour lasts surprisingly well and it's great for an everyday product as it does 2 jobs in 1 which makes it super quick and easy.

Pure BB Cream 'Light', Semichem - £1.99

Despite the recent craze, I have never actually tried a BB cream, but when I saw this for only £1.99 I thought I might as well jump on the bandwagon (although a little late). Although I got it in the shade 'light' my annoyingly pale skin still makes it look a little too dark in the picture. I haven't properly tried it yet but I'm hoping when I do the colour will be alright if I just use a little bit. I was surprised when I did this swatch on my hand at how far a tiny bit of the product went. 

Next, I just got one piece of jewellery:

Spiked Bracelet, Charity Shop - £2.99

Spiked jewellery seems to be everywhere at the moment and I just really liked this. I got it in a charity shop called the British Heart Foundation but it wasn't a second-hand item handed in by someone it's actually from the range of jewellery the sell brand new so you could probably get it if you have a BHF shop near you.

And finally I got a few things for my bedroom:

Jelly Belly Candle Tin 'Toasted Marshmallow' - £2.99 

I thought this little candle tin was so cute and it was on sale down from £5 to £2.99. My friend is always getting Jelly Belly air fresheners for her car and they always smell amazing. Although this candle scent is called 'Toasted Marshmallow' it kind of reminds me of popcorn. The smell is quite strong but I think it smells delicious and I definitely want to try more of these as there are a lot of different scents available.

Skittles Candle 'Framboise', Semichem - £1.99

I have never seen Skittles candles before but since they were so cheap I just couldn't help myself. They had lots of different fruity scents but since the walls in my bedroom are pale blue I thought I'd go for the blue one which is raspberry scented.

Wooden Key, Gift Shop - £2.50

I know this is a bit random but I just thought it was really cute. I love little things like this to display around my bedroom and I think this wooden key on a rope would look quite cool hanging from a door knob or something. I haven't decided yet exactly where I'm going to put it but I'm sure I'll find a place for it.

Glass Leaf Bowl, Charity Shop - £1.99

I found this little glass leaf shaped bowl in a charity shop and I thought it would be good for keeping jewellery, probably mostly rings, in.

Sweet Bon Bons Tin, Gift Shop - £1.99

In a little gift shops there was loads of these little tins and I just thought they were so sweet (get it?). There was lots of different designs but this was my favourite and, as I said earlier, my room is pale blue so I thought the pale blue in the design would tie in quite nicely with that. I just thought it was so pretty and has a kind of 'retro' look to it. I'm not sure what I'll keep in it because it is quite small but I was thinking it might be good for earrings.

Silver Tray, Charity Shop - £2

In another charity shop I got this big silver tray which I am going to put on my dressing table. I'm either going to display perfume or candles on it. By the way, it was surprisingly hard to take a half decent picture of this item because it is kind of mirrored so I kept getting glare from the sun or the reflection of my camera/ surroundings so apologies that you can't see the pattern on it that well!

So, that's everything I picked up on my weekend away and I had a great time!

Have you picked up any little treats recently?

Thanks for reading. x

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Rodial Fake Tan in Elle

Hey bloggies :)

I hope you're all having a good weekend. Today I have my monthly magazine post. My magazine of choice this month is Elle which comes with Rodial Brazilian Tan Tinted Self Tanning Gel. I have very pale skin and have never really been into using fake tan. I've used it a couple of times for special occasions but, to be honest, I can never really be bothered with the upkeep of it. Since it's coming into summer now (although it is raining here today) I thought it would be nice to try a self tanning product.

In Elle you get a 58ml sample. The full-priced product is £35 (150ml). There are three different shades available - clear, light and dark. When I first saw 'clear' I immediately thought it would be a bit pointless. I knew with my pale skin I didn't want to go straight for 'dark' so I went for 'light'. Since buying it I have found out that 'clear' is a gradually building tan which apparently leaves you with a 'natural sun-kissed glow'. If I'd known that at the time I might have gone for this shade but I just think the names a bit strange and it meant I never really looked twice at it.

"Rodial brazilian tan™ Light gives you an instant rich glow that develops into a natural golden tan in 4 hours. Its lightweight gel-like formula dries quickly and evenly without blocking pores."

The gel comes out a sort of caramel colour. I haven't properly used it yet but I did try a little bit on my arm and it blended in really nicely. I'm gonna try this later after I've showered and exfoliated and I hope it will be a great summer product to give a natural sun-kissed look.

Have you tried this product?
What's your favourite fake tan?

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

NOTD: Sinful Colors Verbena

Hey bloggies :)

Today I thought I'd share this quick little post with you - my first 'Nail of the Day'.

Sinful Colors 'Verbena' - 2 coats

This nail polish is from a brand called Sinful Colors in the shade Verbena (954). Since we are now in June and having lovely weather here in Scotland at the moment, I am feeling all summery so wanted to go for a nice bright and colourful shade! Sinful Colors polishes are a great buy. They have a wide range of colours available and are a total steal for just £1.99 in Boots. I have picked up a few different polishes from this brand and have been really happy with them all. The brushes are quite thin which I personally prefer as I find it easier to apply the polish and the consistency is not too thick and gloopy so it goes on nice and smooth. See the Sinful Colors website here.

Thanks for reading. x