Friday, 5 April 2013

28 Colour Warm E/s Palette

A few days ago I picked myself up a little bargain on eBay. I've recently been admiring the Urban Decay Naked 2 and the Basics Palette after seeing them on what seems like hundreds of YouTube videos and blog posts. I do hope to buy one (or both!) of these palettes at some point but in the mean time I decided to get myself a cheaper alternative - the 28 Colour Warm Eyeshadow Palette.

(I've just realised I accidentally cut of one of the eyeshadows from the picture. The shadow in the bottom right corner of the palette is a black in case you were wondering)

The palette comes in plain black packaging. The eyeshadows are a mix of matte and shimmer. Each one is just slightly bigger than a UK 10 pence piece (sorry if you don't know how big that is buts it's a decent size for an eyeshadow). All the shades are fairly neutral and wearable so it's perfect for me as that's all I ever seem to wear (How boring!).

The seller I bought it from also includes a 7 piece brush set which comes in a cute little gold brush roll.

The 28 eyeshadow palette and the brush set only cost me £9.89 in total! I'm really happy with this little purchase and think its great value for the price.

You can find the exact one I bought on eBay here (with free postage and packaging!). The product comes from London and I think they ship everywhere in Europe. If you're outside of Europe and are interested in this, just have a look on eBay or Amazon as there are tons of brands selling what I'm sure is this exact palette (they may not all come with the brush set). I'd definitely recommend having a look around before buying. This version of the palette has no brand but I've seen some being sold with some brand name stuck on (usually meaning it's more expensive). Before finding the one I got, I saw this palette at various prices, usually dearer, without the brush set and with £4/£5 p&p depending on where it was coming from.

What's your favourite eyeshadow palette?

Thanks for reading.


  1. As a makeup artist I'm also addicted to buying eyeshadow pallettes and brushes from Ebay. Glad you found this one as the one's I usually find are from Hong Kong so I have to wait a month for shipping. You can also use some of these colours on the cheekbone.
    Laura. xx

    1. Yeah was really pleased with this. The parcel arrived in like 2/3 days :) xx

  2. how do you like the brushes?

    New follower :)

    1. They're alright :) nothing special but they're good to have and I was needing some new brushes! x

  3. this seems like a great value! i'd like to see swatches and looks :)