Monday, 8 July 2013

Half-Year Beauty Resolutions

So, the first 6 months of 2013 have completely flown by. I never really set myself any resolutions at new year so I thought I'd set myself some 'half-year beauty resolutions' for the second 6 months of the year. I had planned to post this right at the end of June/on the 1st of July but that would require being organised and that is one thing I am definitely not. Better late than never...

1. Always carry out my skin care routine

No matter how tired or just plain lazy I am, I really need to stop hitting that snooze button (many, many times) and get up and give my face a little TLC. My skin will thank me.

2. Moisturise morning and night

Same as above. I usually do in the morning but my skin is still generally quite dry and I want to make sure I moisturise it every night too. I do notice a difference when I actually bother to do it, so I really should make an effort to keep it up. I may even have to invest in a night cream (any excuse to shop). Any recommendations?

3. Cut down on the amount of heat I use on my hair

...and when I do use heat, use protection ;) when I was at school, I used to straighten my hair pretty much every day. In the last couple of years I've gt better at cutting down the amount of heat I use (this is mostly due to the fact I used to work in McDonald's so had to shove it in a bun and wear a ridiculously sexy hat so there was really no point making any effort). I now work in a more office-y job so can't get away with this but I still want to continue using as little heat as possible for obvious 'hair health' reasons.

4. Get regular hair cuts

I hate the hairdressers. Being an awkward person it is not an ideal situation and it is not one I enjoy therefore I avoid it as much as possible. As well as that, getting regular haircuts can actually add up to be quite expensive but it really has been far too long since I last got a hair cut and I need to try and get into the habit of getting them more often to keep my hair in as good condition as possible.

5. Don't over-wash my hair

I used to wash my hair ever day. In the last few months I've mostly cut down to every other day but there are some times where I still wash my hair two days in a row.

6. Eat more healthy and drink water

I don't think this one really needs much explaining does it? A healthy diet is beneficial in so many different ways and can help improve skin, hair, nails... everything really! I particularly want to cut down on the amount of fizzy juice I drink and drink more water (well, maybe diluting juice...)

7. Get more exercise

Recently I've been getting more into exercise so I want to keep this up and build on it even more. I've been walking to and from work everyday but have also been doing a few different work out routines. There are some great ones on YouTube (which are ideal as they are obviously free). My friend and I have also been enjoying a few long walks with my dogs recently near where we live and may try and build up to a jog soon (we'll see how that goes).

8. Tidy room, tidy mind

This one may seem a bit random and not exactly 'beauty' related but it actually is! I definitely get a better sleep when my room is tidy compared to when it is messy. This obviously leads to less eye baggage and zombie-like states and makes getting ready in the morning a whole lot less stressful!

9. Always use a base coat

I am always wearing nail polish but I usually just use a normal clear polish as a base coat or skip this step all together. I need to get myself a proper base coat to avoid staining my nails. It will also help to protect and just keep them in an all-round better condition.

10. Always take off my make-up

Most of the time I do stick to this one but there is the odd occasion where i'll wake up with my eyelashes all stuck together and black panda eyes and realise I accidentally fell asleep with my make-up on. Beautiful. As I'm sure you all know it is so bad for your skin to do this so my skin usually breaks out afterwards. No matter how tired I am or even if I'm been on a night out I will try and always take my make-up off.

Can you believe that's us half way through 2013?
Will you be setting yourself any 'half-year resolutions'?

Thanks for reading. x


  1. Wow, I also do these mid-year resolutions as well. I also look back on my New Year resolutions, and see how I have been following them. Usually it serves as a 'wake up call' to get my ass in gear !! LOL

    I can definitely relate to #1, 9, 6, & 3. Good luck to you with following each and every resolution. It may be annoying, hard, and downright eye roll worthy, but it will all pay off in the end!

    Rica xx

  2. found your blog through Serena's (Love Pretty Wild Things) Great Post!!!

    Ive followed :)

    Nicole x

  3. What a great post ! I am now going to follow your lead and try to follow your rules as they are all simply excellent!!great blog xx


  4. Fantastic post, I think all your resolutions are great!
    Laura. xx